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4titude® specialises in the design, manufacture and marketing of consumables and bench top instrumentation for the life sciences industry. Since our foundation in 2005, we continue to grow a range of innovative products focusing on:

  • PCR & sequencing
  • Assay screening
  • Microplate sealing
  • Liquid handling



Accumax offers high quality micropipettes that ensure accurate and precise delivery of liquid in any kind of laboratory function. Accumax micropipettes are designed after careful study of the needs, desires and specification requirement of end users working in different types of laboratories worldwide.

Accumax offers a wide range of pipettes to various market segments and helps you find the best and most suitable pipette for your specific application.

  • Single and Multichannel pipettes
  • Pipet controllers
  • Microcentrifuge tubes



ArcticZymes AS has a long history dating back to the late 1980’s. The business idea was to exploit by-products from the fishing industry of Northern Norway.

ArcticZymes has a rich history leveraging its access to the marine Arctic; identify novel cold-adapted enzymes for use in molecular research, diagnostics, and manufacturing.

ArcticZymes’ products are firmly entrenched in the molecular research and diagnostic arena; as both standalone enzymes and unique components in the kits of our commercial partners. We have developed strong relationships with OEM partners and individual researchers alike with the strategic intent to expand our enzyme portfolio and the application of each unique product.

The leadership at ArcticZymes recognizes the critical role enzymes play in research and diagnostics. Understanding and valuing the importance of this role drives the internal functions at ArcticZymes where we continually strive to operate at the highest level to exceed our partners’ expectations.

Biological Industries

Biological Industries develops, manufactures and supplies life science products to universities, government research and healthcare institutions and to the biopharmaceutical industry. They have introduced a wide range of serum-free media and many other products for animal tissue culture and molecular biology. In recent years, they have developed NutriStem® - a serum-free, xeno-free gold standard stem cell culture media for optimal growth and expansion of pluripotent stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells, advancing the fields of stem cell-based therapies.

  • Stem cells systems
  • Serum free and animal component free media and supplements
  • SERA
  • Classical media and reagents
  • Cell viability and proliferation
  • Human serum and blood products
  • Cytokines and growth factors
  • Mycoplasma detection and treatment- disinfectants


Blue-ray Biotech

Blue-Ray Biotech was founded by a group of engineers with intensive bioscience instrument design and manufacturing experiences and marketing professionals with biology background in Taiwan. The aim of the Company is developing, manufacturing, and marketing the cutting-edge bioscience instruments.

Combining knowledge and experience, Blue-Ray Biotech provides the industry with the stylish, reliable products with new fresh ideas to fulfill the customer’s needs. Their philosophy is simple: high performance product with innovation in an affordable price, just like the latest Nobel Prize winning technology: Blue Light-emitting-diode (LED), which is widely applied in many lighting applications nowadays.


Bio Molecular Systems

Bio Molecular Systems is an Australian biotechnology company, founded by leading innovators of the former Corbett Life Sciences Company that designes manufactures and distributes laboratory instruments of unparalleled accuracy and functionality such as the MIC q-PCR Thermocycle, the first q-PCR machine based on magnetic induction. With two state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing facilities located near Brisbane and Sydney, Bio Molecular Systems is able to optimize quality, developing innovative, versatile, robust and easy-to use products that generate strong customer loyalty