Strategic distribution agreement signed between BIO MOLECULAR SYSTEMS and RESNOVA


July 31st, 2017

Bio Molecular Systems Pty Ltd. and Resnova S.r.l. announced today their Agreement for the exclusive distribution of Bio Molecular Systems products in Italy.

The agreement enables Resnova to offer the highest quality products of Bio-Molecular systems to all the Italian Customers, since August 1st, 2017, through its commercial network.

Bio Molecular Systems is an Australian Company recognized for its strong technological innovation and its focus on designing and manufacturing laboratory instruments of outstanding accuracy and functionality such as the MIC qPCR Thermocycler. This product is characterized by elegant simplicity and achieves accurate and reproducible Real-Time PCR results in less than twenty-five minutes, thanks to magnetic induction technology.

Resnova S.r.l. is an Italian distribution company based in Rome, which in over 20 Years of presence on the Italian marketplace accrued a leading position in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Cytogenetic, Diagnostic Research and Laboratory Research thanks to its strong and qualified S&M capillary organization covering the entire Territory and a worldwide partnership with the most advanced and innovative Biotech Companies.

“The appointment of Resnova marks a clear step in Bio Molecular Systems strategy for the penetration of key European Marketplaces, by enhancing our presence also in Italy, in continuation of the outstanding results obtained in many other EC Countries and give to the Italian Costumers proper information on our MIC Q-PCR thermal Cycler along with the adequate Technical support” said John Corbett Jr., founder and CEO of Bio Molecular Systems.

“The introduction of MIC Q-PCR, complete in the best possible way, our widely comprehensive portfolio of solution for Molecular Biology Customers”, said Sergio Centanaro, Managing Director of Resnova, “and we are very excited by the partnership with BMS because we share the same mission and values, based on innovation, scientific excellence and the ability to respond to the needs of our Customers, that also contributes in marking a new step for the Biotechnology in Italy.

For contacts and other information:
John Corbett Jr. <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Sergio Centanaro <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>