Identification and characterization of chromosomal abnormalities, the definition and the early detection of tumor markers, as well as the detection of genetic aberrations in solid tumors are essential to determine more confident diagnoses and proper treatment.



Resnova provides a wide range of fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) probes manufactured by the American Company, Empire Genomics. This Company provides “Custom FISH Probes”, locus specific probes based on customer specifications and ideal for research or clinical needs. Next to “Custom FISH Probes”, they also offer the “Clinical Service”, an integrated service focused on providing diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic information for oncologists, pathologists and cytogeneticists.

FISH probes unique technology


Resnova provides a full range of innovative and high-quality reagents for FISH analysis of cytology specimens and tissue (FFPE).



Resnova is able to meet all the needs of cytogenetic laboratories providing a complete line of tools to: automate, standardize and facilitate the routine and the management of various biological preparations.


The “TopGrow” media and reagents are prepared by a sterile filtration process and aseptic filling in clean rooms to assure the required standards. All the following tests are performed on each lot: Physical tests, Endotoxins, Sterility testing, Cell Growth Promotion. Certificate of Anallysis and Safety data Sheet (MSDS) for each lot is available upon request.