Top Brite - Automatic slide hybridizer



A new solution for the automation of FISH hybridization procedures. The ideal tool for the denaturation / hybridization FISH process.

The FISH procedure evolution has seen the consolidation of innovative solutions: the new Top Brite is a programmable system that automates the denaturation and hybridization steps in FISH, speeding up the work activities and standardizing methods.

Despite numerous technological innovations, the instrument is offered at a very competitive cost. It 'also compatible with a wide range of samples, it is easy to use and reduces the timing of over 50% guaranteeing precision and efficiency in all FISH tests. The system can easily accommodate up to 12 slides, maintaining a uniform temperature in all locations.

Features and advantages:

  • Easy programming with touchscreen monitor
  • Data export of the cycles performed
  • Strict temperature control
  • Optimal humidity control
  • Easy to use


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