MIC: the new generation technology for a fast, innovative and compact "Real-Time PCR" Instrument


The world’s first Magnetic Induction Cycler. The box is small. The ideas are big.




  • Fast cooling and heating means fast qPCR results in less than 25 min for 35 cycles
  • Optical system that reads all channels simultaneously and running multichannel assays (available in either 2 or 4 channels model)
  • Each channel uses an independent high intensity LED, photodetector and filter set combining together to give unparalleled detection performance.


  • Reproducibility across multiple runs, samples and multiple instruments
  • The spinning aluminum rotor preserves temperature uniformity during both dynamic and static operations. All other block-based Real-Time cyclers only promise static uniformity, which could lead to variability as samples aren’t heated and cooled at the same rate
  • You don’t need to calibrate – ever
  • Mic is good to go right out of the box
  • Zero seconds for all wells to reach the same temperature of ±0.05ºC



  • Mic weighs only 2 Kg
  • The sample is loaded in 0.1mL strips of four tubes, in house manufactured (supporting the volumes from 5 µl to 30 µl), as well as the matching caps
  • The tubes are pre-loaded with an oil overlay in order to prevent evaporation and condensation


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