Easy-e: the liquid handling has become… “EASY”


The Electronic Pipettes have been designed to function up to 5with five different and essential modes pipetting:

  • Forward pipetting
  • Reverse pipetting
  • Mixing (Pipette & Mixing or Mixing and Diluting)
  • Diluting (Diluting or Mixing & Diluting)
  • Multi Dispensing (Repeated, Automatic or Sequential).



Thanks to their ergonomic design, the Easy-e pipettes are comfortable and easy to use and prevent the «upper limbs work-related disorder», often caused by an extensive and intensive use of micropipettes. The ultra-light weight pipette, makes pipetting easy and effortless.


  • Ease of using multiple functions with simplified interface
  • Stores and recalls up to 3 frequently used modes of pipetting for smooth and quick operation.
  • Secured calibration with password protection
  • Accuracy and precision at its best with 3 points calibrations. Calibration as per EN ISO 8655 standards
  • Activates sleep mode when ideal for 40 seconds, enhances battery life for 40 seconds, enhances battery life by 20%.
  • The battery charges in 2 hours and lasts up to 5 hours of continuous pipetting
  • A Pipette holder-charger stand (as optional) can be used for holding and charging the pipette when it is not in use.

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