Workshop - optimized reagents and protocols for high-throughput ngs library construction


19 ottobre 2012 - Basovizza (TS)

Dramatic improvements to commercial Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) platforms have resulted in spectacular reductions in the cost-per-base of DNA sequencing. Until relatively recently, the primary focus for innovation has been on the core sequencing technologies, with optimization of library preparation playing a secondary role. The exponential gains in sequencing capacity have simultaneously led to growing sample throughput, increasing the demand for stream-lined, efficient, and cost-effective library construction protocols for multiplexed sample sequencing.

Presentazione a cura di:

Dr. Bjarne Faurholm, Senior Scientist, KAPA BIOSYSTEMS

Sede del workshop:
Sala Riunioni – 1° piano Ed. Q
Area Science Park - Basovizza (TS)


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