Profile and mission

Resnova is an Italian capital firm that from 20 years has been focused on providing Customers with a wide range of innovative products and services. This has been combined with an outstanding level of service and technical support, in the Biomedical Search, Biotechnological, Pharmaceutical, Food Research as well as in the Advanced Diagnostics fields.

Resnova's mission is to offer Italian Researchers a real alternative source of products for Biomedical, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical. Its product range provides valid and trusted solutions to compete in the reality of today's fast moving environment and to enable Researchers to be less dependent on the increasing presence of large anonymous multinationals.

Resnova’s marketing stategies:

  • A deep knowledge of the Sector and its demands.
  • Providing Customers with an outstanding level of service and technical support introducing “new frontier” Lab techniques and methods.
  • Cost effective lab. products and consumables
  • Technical and scientific customer support service in collaboration with Partners, both from head offices and on the Territory.
  • A direct net of Area Sales Specialists and Application Specialists that represent a constant reference for Customers and for final users on Italian Territory.
  • Trainings and Workshops promoted by the "Resnova Training Center".
  • Support of activities promoted by Scientific Societies and stakeholders.

The graph brings the principal business areas in the various application fields:



Company profile

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Key strength points

Order processing

  • Orders are processed within 24/48 hours depending on products availability
  • Products are managed according to ISO9000 Certification and to requested storing conditions

Technical support

  • On line Technical Support
  • Product Specialists and 2 Application Specialists for the different product lines
  • Web Page with links for technical data sheets retrieval and general support

Scientific updating

  • Attendance to scientific Congresses and Exhibitions
  • Organization 4/5 training courses for Cytogenetics and Mol. Biol. every year
  • Sponsoring seminaries and on-site workshops at main research centres and Institutions