"Top" lines

Identification and characterization of chromosomal abnormalities, the definition and the early detection of tumor markers, as well as the detection of genetic aberrations in solid tumors are essential to determine more confident diagnoses and proper treatment.



Resnova offers an innovative solution for disposable tips: TOP TIPS PLUS, a full range of test leads are compatible with all popular models of pipettes. Made of pure polypropylene, which gives them particular transparency and gloss, the TOP TIPS PLUS are produced in accordance with CE regulations therefore devoid of DNase, RNase, pyrogen, endotoxin and nucleic acids.



The TopGrow product line represents a wide and complete range of media and adjuvants for cell coltures, specially formulated to be used in Cytogenetics and Onco-Hematology Laboratories. This product line has been recently renewed in the packaging and in the range, which includes basal media, formulated and "ready to use" media, reagents and accessories. The ready to use media allow the optimal colture for various human tissues such as amniotic fluid , chorionic villi biopsies, peripheral blood and bone marrow.


Resnova is able to meet all the needs of cytogenetic laboratories providing a complete line of tools to: automate, standardize and facilitate the routine and the management of various biological preparations.



Resnova offers an innovative line of electronic pipettes: the Easy-e. In a single micropipette you can find all the functionalities of a "liquid handler" with 5 different kind of use.

For more informations have a look to Easy-e brochure.